Employee attendance has been conceived with the aim to meet the main needs related to human resources management by integrating new modules and options in the Attendance Module, where it is possible to register via Byronmobile more attendance shifts carried out on the same day. The calculation of the worked hours is automatically transmitted to the designated section on ByronWeb and they are divided

between Ordinary, Overtime and Night hours according to the working hours set on the employee profile in the address book section.

Day off and day on leave request, etc. The employee can submit day off and day on leave requests or communications about sick leave by using the Android app that automatically transmits this information to the company by email. This function is available in the application menu, homepage → Attendance → Day off / Day on leave request → Accepted / Rejected

In this way the office/administration department can manage all the requests received that, if accepted, will be automatically displayed on the employee attendance register in order to exclude him from any scheduling. You can find this function in the main menu by accessing from WebBrowser on Utility->Attendance Send Attachment, payment receipts, receipts, from the APP to the office. It is possible to send via APP all the documents that can be useful to the office for calculating and refunding monthly payments. By using his/her account the operator can select on the APP homepage: "Attendance", have access to the "Attachments" section and send all the documents to the office for an immediate storage.

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